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Alexandra Lucas Weave



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This is the more subtle part of the collection. The slightly more grown-up piece. Based on Doritos, Lays and Wotsits. 

I wove this in panels: partly because of the size of the backstrap loom, but also I loved the idea of collaging the rug and playing around with its structure. Plus, the fringes are super cool. The result: a celebration of crisps, but in black and white.


Made on a cotton warp with Axminster rug wool.

Size: W 68cm x H 98cm

Wash only by handDo not wash in a washing machine, as the rug will most likely felt.

This rug is ready to be used on the floor of course! Depending on how slippery your floor is, you may need to buy a non-slip underlay.

You can also hang your rug as a wall hanging. I would recommend using a velcro hanging rail. Let me know if that’s how you wish to use it, and we can work it out together. After purchase I'll contact you to ask for your preference.
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If you're London based, I can hand deliver your piece at a time convenient to you. I'd love to have a chat and a cup of tea as well if you've got time! Just pick that option at checkout and I will email you to arrange.

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How do I take care of my piece?

Whatever you do, do not put your piece in the washing machine. The piece could lose its colour or could change its shape or felt. All my work is handwash only. For wall hangings, I would give it a little dust.

I've missed out on the piece I wanted!

Argh sorry to hear that! I'm happy to work on commission pieces. Feel free to drop me an email at and I would love to hear what you have in mind.